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What's in a Word?

What's in a word?

Turns out your whole world is.

I don’t mean this in the Law of Attraction kind of way, although that also applies.

I mean that when you keep your word, you become powerful. As a powerful human, you create a powerful reality filled with the things you have pronounced into being.

On the flip side, not doing what you say weakens you.

Consider this:

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you complete your to-do list? How you begin to feel stronger and more confident?

Have you noticed how you feel diminished when you don't finish what you said you would do? Yes, even the promised phone call counts, especially the phone call- or that coffee with a friend that you said you would have.

And you know what weakens us the most? The failed promises that we have made to ourselves.

These little things become the building blocks of our lives. The more things you follow through with, the stronger the blocks become.

The more things we say we will do and then don’t, the easier the blocks of our foundation crumbles. When we can’t keep our word, no matter what we do, we won't be on solid ground. We can’t build a powerful life on broken promises anymore than we can put a building on a weak foundation. When you do what you say, you will build muscles strong enough to climb the tallest of mountains. Something happens when you follow through with what you say- you start to believe in yourself.

For this reason, choose what you say carefully. Don’t commit if you can’t follow through. Mean 'yes' when you say it, and don't say it when you don’t. Realize that 'no' is a very valid answer that you should probably use more frequently than you do.

Your word is sacred and powerful. Do the small stuff, get strong- then aim for the stars. From a call back that you promised, to speaking your new business into existence, your reality begins at your lips.

Speak accordingly.

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