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Corona Cocoon

March 23, 2020. I am two weeks into COVID19 quarantine. My mind is full and everything feels dreamlike. I feel as if the world of two weeks ago is just behind a door, waiting for us to wake up and shake this off. Like deja vu, I can't quite grasp it, but it's right there.

Everything is changing so much my brain is spinning with all the implications...

The sickness and losses, the fear for our most vulnerable, the crushing financial effects.

And yet...

Something else seems to be forming as we nestle into our cocoons of isolation.

I think I catch a glimpse of it at times. A promise of renewal. Of hope. A new reality where our colors shine more brightly and mix together with a new awareness of the depth of our unbreakable human connection.

I don’t think there are words for it yet, for what is happening. I think the words will come as this awakening takes shape.

I know for certain that, whatever happens, I was given this quiet moment to sit still and fly, in my mind’s eye, with the butterflies in my backyard.

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