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Joining Waves

Joining Waves can make a profound difference in your life. Meeting and connecting with women in a positive space offers opportunities for meaningful exchanges and friendships. 

Waves was created so that everyone would have the opportunity to find their people. We offer prompts for online interaction, as well as encourage members to seek recommendations and advice from the group. Waves also hosts different in-person events aimed at women of different ages, in different stages of life, with varied backgrounds, and with different interests.

We believe that when women come together from a good place, nothing is more powerful. We like to think that our basic commonality is that we wish to connect and be a part of something important. We believe that we can make a difference through kindness at every level.

Groups are what you make of them, so the more you contribute and participate the more benefits you will reap.  We have members who attend every event, and others who watch from behind their computer screens. We encourage you to participate at whatever your comfort level may be.

Waves sometimes offers opportunities for mentoring within the group. Our "Beacons" are members who uphold our beliefs and who make every effort to ensure that each woman who enters knows how welcome she is.

Waves also is working on volunteer opportunities in our community and welcome Wavers to bring these opportunities to the group's attention.

We encourage you to be a part of our group and of our mission. 

We are Waving at you.

You are welcome here.


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