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Waves is a positive, welcoming group for women of all stages of life.

We are committed to supporting each other and our communities by online interaction and through a variety real life events.

We believe that kindness changes the world, and that small actions are ripples that spread, grow, and become great Waves that carry our intentions.


We are Waves:


Because a "Wave" is a symbol of greeting, acknowledgment, and acceptance- and we want you to know that we see you, and we welcome you.


Because the water is an essential part of the South Florida lifestyle where our community was born. 


Because we can create "Waves", and make a difference by building a sense of community, through our work, and through kindness.


Waves provides interaction online with daily prompts, insightful posts, and positive exchanges, as well as a variety of in-person events so that there is something of interest for everyone- and so that everyone can find their people!


A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are the Waves that can bring that tide in.


Ladies, you are welcome here.


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