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Buying a House

Waving you Home

Finding the Path to a Home You Will Love 


Hi there!

My name is Abby Raymond-Dow. I am a Realtor, Mom, South Florida enthusiast, and the Waves Group creator. 

I love connections. I love helping people connect to other people. I love helping them connect to their communities, and, lucky me, I love helping with their house connections too. Lucky, because selling houses has been my profession for over 20 years now- 18 of them in Florida.

I have a whole other website dedicated to real estate, you can find it here:

Did I mention that I would love to help you buy or sell a house? (Because I would!)

Contact me with any questions or to schedule a call.  Abby  Raymond-Dow at The K Company of Realtors:

I want to learn more!
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