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Missing Mom- or Love Isn't Attached to Arms

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

#ThankfulThursday #Mothers #LoveisOurLegacy #LoveMakesaDifference

Today I woke up nostalgic. I was sad- missing my mom and most of the other important mother figures in my life. Wishing for their physical presence made my heart ache. Although very different from one another, each of these women, these mother figures, deeply inspired me. Each represents the face of "woman" and have taught me the meaning of strength, sisterhood, and grace.

As I felt the tears well up, I tried to shift the sadness for their absence to gratitude for their presence in my life- but then I realized that one doesn't exclude the other. It is ok to be sad about their loss. Feelings of sadness and loss are acceptable- indeed they must be accepted if we are to learn and grow. Feelings must be lived; and, since that is true, I embraced my tears and let them flow. Only, as I allowed the grief to come, the profound, inspiring, awesome gratitude I feel for them became a part of that sadness, and the gratitude began to shine through the pain. I felt their words come to me, their love surround me, and their strength lift me up- even now, when the words are only memories, and the love that surrounds me isn't attached to their arms.

I felt the power of being a woman, in the way that was shown to me by these women (and by others who are still with me on this earth). I understood that this is our legacy: to love so much that we make a difference -despite, and, perhaps, because of it all. That these things: our love, strength, and grace are what will be remembered, and what will continue to inspire once we are gone.

I have tears running down my cheeks as I write, but what pours from my heart is gratitude. Gratitude for the love I have received, and a profound desire to share and be a part of love always springing eternal.

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